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National Cold Brew Day


Happy National Cold Brew Day!

5 Morning Coffee Mistakes

Excellent article from Michael Phillips at Blue Bottle on the 5 mistakes we make while brewing coffee at home. The anticipation of brewing coffee gets me excited every morning. It’s my own quiet zen-like moment before I get my day started, and it gives me something great to drink and savor once I’m done.

I’ve personally made my way through all these slowly, and I try to get better everyday. One I never miss though is #5, “all you need is love”.


An Interview with the Aeropress


A fantastic interview with Alan Alder, the inventor of the AeroPress. I use one on a daily basis and love this device to death.

The Invention of the Perfect Cup of Coffee

An Inside Look

A really interesting essay written by shop manager Blair Smith about her time at the U.S. Coffee Championships for the U.S. Brewer’s Cup. It sounds like the journey is much more important than the results.

I’ve thrown all I’ve known out the window and retraced my steps over and over trying to get the best results for my brew method. I have revisited recipes, playing with different techniques, and have all cupped all sorts of coffees. The biggest thrill for me is wrapping my head around the privilege that I’m even able to experience these coffees.

Brewing the Perfect Cup by Life & Thyme

Filter Facts from Stumptown


Always looking to provide a helpful hand to those looking to perfect brewing coffee at home, Stumptown Coffee has put out a great article experimenting with each type of common filter.

Read it all at http://stumptowncoffee.com/facts-coffee-filters/ and consider the knowledge to be dropped.

Enjoying Local

We awoke on Sunday morning, threw on our running shoes, and headed out for a run. Just a short 1.5 miles with the dog, but our destination was Barefoot Coffee for a fresh bag of beans, a complimentary pour over and a Shakerato (barista’s choice latte).

As we passed the corner Starbucks, I realized how much I appreciate supporting the smaller shop. It’s just outside of the little downtown area. It stays just busy enough for a buzz of energy, but just empty enough to not draw a huge line out the door. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to “talk shop” and give suggestions.

We always get great drinks from Barefoot Coffee. I need to make sure I get there more often.

Verve Tour

Verve Video Tour from Verve Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

Gotta love local!

Life & Thyme Presents: Handsome Coffee Roasters

VCR Street Smarts #15: Chemex

VCR Street Smarts #7: Aeropress