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Enjoying Local

We awoke on Sunday morning, threw on our running shoes, and headed out for a run. Just a short 1.5 miles with the dog, but our destination was Barefoot Coffee for a fresh bag of beans, a complimentary pour over and a Shakerato (barista’s choice latte).

As we passed the corner Starbucks, I realized how much I appreciate supporting the smaller shop. It’s just outside of the little downtown area. It stays just busy enough for a buzz of energy, but just empty enough to not draw a huge line out the door. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to “talk shop” and give suggestions.

We always get great drinks from Barefoot Coffee. I need to make sure I get there more often.

Verve Tour

Verve Video Tour from Verve Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

Gotta love local!

Life & Thyme Presents: Handsome Coffee Roasters

VCR Street Smarts #15: Chemex

VCR Street Smarts #7: Aeropress


Hellooooo Handsome!

Handsome Coffee Roasters by The Apple Sisters from Apple Sisters on Vimeo.

An adorable little video from the Apple Sisters about my favorite coffee shop in LA. It just makes me smile.

Travel Setup

Researching a good coffee travel setup has me scouring the Internet for the best minimal setup that will work anywhere from a quick weekend trip, a 7 day cruise, and especially camping in the woods. From so many articles and opinions I read, I am already leaning towards the Aeropress as my main vessel.

Knowing what I want for the main component is the start, but the surrounding equipment is just as important. Luckily I stumbled upon a great article from Sean Bonner that sounds like a perfect setup for me.

My Travel Coffee Setup, 2012 Edition

Although Sean didn’t exactly rave about his setup, I liked the compact look of the kit and I have heard so many good things about the Aeropress. The fact that the Porlex grinder looks solid and has some great reviews is also nice to see.

What is going to seal the deal for me is finding an article on Caroline On Crack with the travel setup of my coffee idol Michael Phillips of Handsome Coffee Roasters.

The Handsome Coffee Geek Travel Kit

Michael started by telling me what’s in his own coffee travel kit. “My standard super travel kit that goes on pretty much every flight with me (TSA friendly):

  • Aeropress
  • Porlux hand grinder
  • Tiny digital scale (goes to .1gram and has a 1000 g capacity)
  • 8 oz ceramic mug
  • Black towel
  • Paper filters
  • Slim bullet thermos (the silver type with a screw off cap)
  • iPhone overpriced timer and brew calculator

“This allows for a super accurate nerd brew to be made at 3,500 feet and all fits into my Patagonia midsize shoulder bag [could he be talking about this Daily Grind bag? heh] with my laptop, notepad, books and other travel goods. The thermos fits in the outside pouch designed for water bottles, the Porlux slides into the Aeropress, your towel and filters can cram into the mug, the scale and coffee are on their own.

There you have it, straight from the masters mouth. Looks like the Aeropress, Porlex grinder and a small digital scale is in my very near future.

Not All Black Cats Are Unlucky

For the 3rd time I am back to the beans where my coffee fascination all started, Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso.

It just hits the spot.  It’s like the pantry staple that you keep coming back to.  Yeah, you want to try a new brand or flavor, but you always make your way back when you are done.  It’s the control, the beans that all others are compared to.  It is what they say it is, syrupy and sweet, a guaranteed great cup.

I’ll try something different next.  Maybe Stumptown or Mad Cap.  But I’ll be back again and again.  It’s the coffee that started it all, and more than likely it would be the one that I end with if I ever kick this wonderful addiction.  And that’s not happening anytime soon.

Brewing Espresso

Brewing Espresso from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo.