Beans & Leaves

  • Blue Bottle Coffee

    Blue Bottle Coffee

    Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry: Kiwi, sparkling, lemongrass. 5/10/2016 Burundi Kayanza Mpanga: Apricot, cane sugar, structured. 4/26/2016 Costa Rica Vista al Valle Zapote Honey: Black cherry, reship, syrupy. 4/12/2016 Ethiopia Sidama Homacho […]

  • Verve Coffee Roasters

    Verve Coffee Roasters

    Holiday Blend 2015: Cranberry, Mulling Spice, Candied Orange. 12/18/2015 The 1950’s Blend: Brown Sugar, Clove, Peach. 10/8/2015 Aragon: Blood Orange, Almond, Brownie. 4/2/2015 Holiday Blend 2014: Poached Pear, Toffee, Nutmeg. […]

  • Chromatic Coffee Co.

    Chromatic Coffee Co.

    El Quiche: Rasin, Creamy, Chocolate. 4/21/2015 San Ignacio: Citrus, Custard, Floral. 3/5/2015 Keynote: Dark Honey, Caramel, Fudge. A mellow, sweet, and approachable offering available year round. Comprised of rotating Single […]

  • Barefoot Coffee Roasters

    Barefoot Coffee Roasters

    Aconcagua Pacamara: Cocao nib and blood orange tango amidst a sea of dried fig and baking chocolate in this unique varietal. Round and deep. 2/5/2015 El Socorro Amarillo: Beautifully nuanced […]

  • Pony Brand Coffee

    Pony Brand Coffee

    Calendar Blend: Strong, Bold, Balanced. Tastes like honey and chocolate. 12/20/2014 Rich & Creamy: Chocolate, Nut-Like, Buttery. Tastes like nuts and milk chocolate. 12/20/2014 Sweet & Juicy: Candied, Berry, Syrupy. […]

  • Bicycle Coffee Co.

    Bicycle Coffee Co.

    Medium Roast: Asobagri Cooperative. Huehuetenango, Guatemla. 8/10/2014 Decaf Roast: Rodriguez de Mendoza Cooperative. Amazonas, Peru. Water Process Decaffeination. 8/10/2014 From Bicycle Coffee Co. We love good coffee and we […]

  • Handsome Coffee Roasters

    Handsome Coffee Roasters

    Regalo de Popayan: Baked apples, cinnamon and allspice, cocoa finish, and round body. 4/29/2014 Dapper Espresso: Dark chocolate, plum, ripe cherry, cane sugar. In milk, butterscotch, toffee. 9/13/2013 Regalo De […]

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    Decaf House Blend: This blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees is well balanced with a smooth and moderate body and a clean finish. 3/20/2014 Costa Rica Verde Alto: This […]

  • Sightglass Coffee

    Sightglass Coffee

    Guatemala, Finca La Ensenada: A beautifully fruited coffee with a full body and balanced acidity. Citrus and jasmine aromatics give way to a rich cane sugar sweetness with notes of […]

  • Madcap Coffee Company

    Madcap Coffee Company

    El Porvenir: Deep, chocolate, earthy, citrus. 7/26/2013 Six One Six: Deep, syrupy, earthy, chocolate. 1/25/2013 Third Coast Espresso: Balanced, rich body and sweet. 4/16/2011 From Madcap Coffee Company Madcap […]

  • Intelligentsia Coffee

    Intelligentsia Coffee

    House Blend: Designed as a perfect introduction to our coffees, House blend brings balance without sacrificing character. Cocoa, caramel and subtle fruit notes persist through the entire cup while a […]